Hair Creations is the Best Salon in Saratoga Springs, NY

Hair Creations is one of the best salons in Saratoga Springs, NY.

How can you tell? It’s a Bumble and bumble Network Salon.

A limited group of establishments around the world sell Bb. products and share a vision for a stronger hairdressing culture. Each is the best in their region and employee stylists who are impeccably trained, unusually talented and have an unyielding passion and love for their craft. In addition to selling Bumble & Bumble products, they develop their skills at Bumble and bumble University (Bb.U) in New York City –an institute for higher learning or graduate school for hairdressers.

Bb.U Design School offers advanced training in cutting and styling and how one depends on the other. Bb.U teaches stylists to work closely with colorists, to collaborate on texture and effect. They share decades of photo shoots, runways, films and television work to inform their design classes and introduce new ways of seeing and creating.

So if you thought you always got a fabulous haircut because your stylist is really talented, you’re right. And if you think Bb. products are great, you’re right again. Bb teaches stylists to teach you how to look great. They also give them technical and inspirational training to be the best hairdresser you’ll ever have.

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