Jaysie Walts, WINNER of Bumble and bumble contest!


Jaysie Walts



Bumble and bumble

Hair: Fashion and Fantasy contest!!!

with over 700 entries submitted from

North America and the UK


Jaysie’s  inspiration:

“I recalled a story I read a few years ago about an anthropologist who learns about UBUNTU from a group of children in an African tribe while he’s teaching them about a game, a race to win a basket of fruit. Contrary to the rules of the game, the children run together instead of racing; they share instead of winning or losing. Alongside this story was a breathtaking photo of several African children sitting in a prayer circle with their legs straight out, feet pressed tightly together side by side. Once I had this recollection I knew I wanted to make a prayer circle out of hair.”

The Winners
Semifinalists chosen by Bb. Stylists Bronwen Robinson, Sabrina Michals, and Ivan Matsumoto.
-10 Semi-finalists in North America
-5 Semi-finalists in UK
Grand Prize Winners chosen by Bb. Global Artistic Director Laurent Philippon
-5 Winners in North America
-2 Winners in UK
Winners receive:
+ A trip to New York City and the House of Bumble to attend STYLING YOUR CAREER
+ An exclusive STYLING MASTER CLASS and dinner with Bb. Master Stylists
+A top-of-the-line stylist kit curated by Bb. Global Artistic Director Laurent Philippon
+An award signed by Laurent Philippon
+Winning looks featured on Bumbleandbumble.com and Bb. Social Media
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